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15th July 2006

the_faery_queen12:14pm: just thought i should let everyone know im downsizing megaeras realm. i want to concentrate on my novel instead (being published in december) so won't be ordering in any stock after this month and will be switching to just gifts instead. so if anyone does want to order any sinister clothes, please do so now.

also, you will need to check with me first, as many of the items listed on the website aren't available with sinister anymore.

a new website will be along soon tho, with sale items and new gifts.


21st January 2006

Poll #657096 which skirt

wchih skirt


Trying to get my whitby order of stock ready, but can't decide on the final few items! so maybe you can help me out. just vote on which you like the most, if any! don't have to buy them, of course, but i will order in some of the most popular voted for item and then just hope someone does want them on the day.
Prices and pics are behind the cut :)

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1st November 2005

the_faery_queen2:03pm: got a TONNE of ebay auctions up now (well its a slight exegeration) mostly goth skirts, but a man's top as well. i have them in a variety of sizes, so you can pick whichever one you want at the auctions end.
so please check them out! they are all BRAND NEw with tags, sinister clothes (except the man's top)
they are offered at just over half the retail cost, so its a chance to get a bargin!

8th October 2005

the_faery_queen7:16pm: just thought i would make my whitby announcement!
for those of you going, i will have a stall in the lesuire centre, which is close to teh spa. easier to find, and less distance to walk to reach me :)
got the usual wide range of clothes and gifts, and some exclusive new jewellery designs not available on the website!

so if you're coming to whitby, come and have a look :)

18th September 2005

purple_tear12:55am: hi!

i'm crystal's wee sis

last year, i got a bunch of your leaflets to pass around in school - except people didn't want any :/

so, em how's your business now?

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17th July 2005

the_faery_queen3:28pm: new stuff on the megaeras realm website! including some corsets, think they are poly boned tho, some hotpant things, short skirts, petticoats, lots of stuff!

9th July 2005

the_faery_queen2:53pm: just a reminder, its the last week of the megaeras realm sale. 15 percent off all in stock clothes. just email me or leave me a comment here to check what is in stock!

28th June 2005

the_faery_queen6:43pm: http://cgi3.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=megaeras-realm
last lot auctions for a while! some skirts and tops!

and remmeber the 15 percent off in stock items sale! :)

24th June 2005

the_faery_queen11:41am: hi. we are having a sale on megaeras realm website! all in stock clothes only, are now 15percent off! this is due to me moving house at the end of july and wanting to clear some space!

so please have a look
you will need to email me, to check if i have the items you want tho!

16th June 2005

the_faery_queen8:17pm: some auctions. all a lot cheaper than on the website, and all brand new (of course)

6th May 2005

the_faery_queen7:53pm: some more items listed:

goth mini skirts, sleeveless tops and a lovely dress :)

2nd May 2005

the_faery_queen12:17pm: a new range of jewellery made with semi precious stones is now up ont eh website!
they are customable, so you can choose the stones you want.
there are also two new necklaces with silver pendants and some earrings

25th April 2005

the_faery_queen8:29pm: http://cgi3.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=megaeras-realm
some brand new items up for auction. a punk skirt, a trad goth skirt and a nice gothy top. also some handmade jewellery!

more items to be added over next few days! take a peek!

11th April 2005

the_faery_queen3:30pm: just to let everyone know we will be at whitby this april (two weeks away!) with a large range of gothic clothes, including many of the new range, gifts and some second hand cheaper stuff too! so if you are in whitby, come and say hi! we are in the resolution, first floor (there is a lift) which is on skinners street :)

and there should be some new updates to teh website soon of handmade, precious stone jewellery!

25th January 2005

the_faery_queen4:16pm: a range of valentines day gothic cards have now been added to the websiote. these are limited edition and limited in number!
they are under cards

22nd January 2005

the_faery_queen2:00pm: more updates made to the website includiong new clothes, new bags, new chokers, AND gloves!
also we have a range of gothic valentines cards on two aucion sites
search for megaerasrealm
we are also phasing out all raven and jordash clothes. many have already been removed, so if there is something by either of those companies that you like, buy it now! because when its gone, we won't get anymore in!
the basket will also be updated to xxl size!

5th November 2004

the_faery_queen12:21pm: just found out, all sinister clothes are available in an xxl size! i imagine this is only one inch larger than the xl, but still maybe useful to know! will be added to the website soon

also there is a poll on the website now, it would be great if you could vote. question is about the payment system, whether you would prefer all in one (minus postage) or a deposit and the rest later, as it is! its on the left hand side. only take a sec!

4th November 2004

the_faery_queen7:46pm: my auctions:
i have hand made cards, hand painted spiderweb picture frame, shot glasses and falls up for auction!
http://members.ebay.co.uk/ws2/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=megaeras-realm some of these items are not available on the website yet! they would make great xmas gifts!

17th October 2004

morbidstar3:10pm: What are the general sizing of the skirts, like is a large a 14 or a 16..........etc? I've looked on the site and cannot see, if there is no exact size what's the waist measurements?
Current Mood: confused

11th October 2004

the_faery_queen12:30am: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=whitby
through the marvels that is live journal i have found more info about where the whitby stall will be! the resolution, which i knew already, is on skinners street and it is a pub! so yay! alochol and my clothes and gifts at the same time! there are apparantly only 20 other vendors at this location so it should be easy to find us, so if you are in whitby, come by and have a look. the market is the friday and saturday, so 29-30th, from 10am-5pm :)

3rd October 2004

the_faery_queen1:39pm: new additions of shotglasses and picture frames made to website. handpainted, lovely little things :) so have a look! they are under the new 'gifts' section, with the candles and the mugs, just to make things easier. of course, just because they are gifts, is no reason not to buy them for yourself :)
http://www.megaeras-realm.com/home.html :)

14th September 2004

the_faery_queen8:20pm: some new additions to my website! New clothes (browse under sinister) new bags (also sinister!) and a new magazine for pagans! also there will be some chokers coming up soon, two new styles of candles (a witch and a vampire) and we will be introducing a nice big NEW sign written next to everything that is, oddly enough, new! but at the moment there isn't one so you just have to go to the last page of each type of item (top, skirt, etc) to see what is there that you haven't seen before!

14th June 2004

the_faery_queen2:45pm: more clothes added to the website
bags, candles, and some men's stuff as well as more womens

also a guestbook! brand new and shiny, please sign!
and a form to tell your friends about teh website too!

have also listed a few auctions

23rd May 2004

the_faery_queen12:37pm: website is finished, complete with paypal shopping cart now. :)

18th April 2004

the_faery_queen4:54pm: http://www.megaeras-realm.com/

website is OPEN. this is only a preliminary, with many more things to be added in may. including shopping cart and all those niceties. but you can now see what i shall be selling! the range will be increased in may, when photos are taken of the rest of the stock and again in august after the trade fair. then there will be general new additions twice a year. :)
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